Sapna Book House(Sapna Retail)

20+ Large Format Stores covering 500,000 Sq Ft of Retail Space in India

More than 60,000 walk in's everyday!

With over 5,00,000 square feet of customer retail space, 1,50,000 square feet of office retail space, 20 million titles, 10 million happy customers, 1000+ staff, 55 years of excellence, and 20+ outlets – Sapna Book House has now come to be home for many and fulfilled so many dreams of people along the way!

What started as a humble beginning with the objective of educating the neighborhood has turned out to be the one-stop solution for Books, Stationery, Gifts, Toys, Multimedia, Chocolates, Gadgets, Media, Toys, Sports, Magazine, Baby Products, and many more!

Holding a record for the largest Book Showroom in India by the Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records, we see over 60,000 walk-in customers every single day across all stores.

Sapna Book House has given the largest entry point for families to walk in and browse through more than 250 categories in books alone.

The biggest category Books has a staggering 5,00,000 active book titles on display across 250 categories.

One can find right from the Sidney Sheldon’s to Chetan Bhagat’s to Amish Tripathi’s to Shobhaa De’s to Sudha Murthy’s to Mark Zuckerberg’s, to James Patterson’s to Harper Lee’s to Robin Sharma’s to Devdutt Pattanaik and many more.

Sapna Book House stocks the largest collection of Academic and Educational books in the country too. From Medical, Engineering, Computer Science, Management, to school textbooks of ICSE, CBSE NCERT, and State board syllabus are available at all the stores.

It also carries the largest collection of Kannada books in the world! With more than 100,000 active live Kannada book titles on the racks! Apart from Kannada books, Sapna Book House has more than 50,000 titles in Tamil and other regional languages.

The company dabbles in everything from self-publishing to distribution to e-commerce, school supplies &  stationery manufacturing.

 It has a very successful Kannada language publishing unit and also produces Tamil titles; and even exports children’s and educational books to Ghana and Nigeria and is working with the Ghanaian government on the school curriculum.

Being India’s Largest Multi-Brand Retail Book Store, the store hosts 50+ other catalogs apart from books. One can spot a wide range of products of stationery, magazines, movies, music, back2school products, baby products, toys & sports, gift items, food & chocolates, games/gadgets, board games, fun learning products, and many others on display.

The stores are also bustling with various activities like book launches, book readings, painting competitions, storytelling, quiz competitions, and many more on a regular basis.

It is a treat to watch parents and kids not only shop but also learn and grow through the stores.


Apart from holding the Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records for the largest Book Showroom in India, the Founder Chairman and the Managing Director [Suresh Shah and Nitin Shah respectively] have been awarded the prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award for excellence in the field of education and literature by the Government of India.

Sapna Book House has also been awarded the ‘Best Retain Experience Store’ in the Country by the FBPAI.